Fuel of the future

There are some moments in lifetime, moments that come to us imperceptibly, slowly in the beginning and, then, unstoppably, which change completely human habits. They vary everyday life transforming it in something different – so different that after just two decades the new generations don´t understand anymore what it is the subject of this change. So, here we are. We are the embryo of this sea change.
Once upon a time there were cars, motorcycles and public transportation with a motor that were used to work with an oil fuel, dangerous to handle and to carry, that was used to stink and for being toxic… more or less, in a few years, this is what we will explain to young people who, for sure, are going to smile and make faces of wonder. The good news is it is already possible, nowadays, exploit electric mobility through our charging columns that faithfully reflect the specific features referred by “Piano nazionale infrastrutturale per la ricarica dei veicoli alimentati ad energia elettrica”, http://www.mit.gov.it/mit/mop_all.php?p_id=20858 and with which is possible recharge a car in just 2/3 minutes.

For simplifying the subject we can explain in simple terms something that is going to revolutionize our lives right now, because the time has come: columns which supply diesel and gasoline firstly will be placed side by side and then replaced by charging columns for electric vehicles. Just to make a few previsions, only in the first stage, thus the next three years, only in Europe 4,1 million of quick charging columns are going to be installed, columns that we have been designed and made up with the same specific features referred from the National Infrastructure Plan for Recharging Electric Vehicles.

In our store you can find a wide choice of charging columns. Let´s start with our wall-system for getting to our “monsters” of full tank of electrical energy in 2 minutes. Perhaps, not everyone knows that in the last few years, in Italy, to obtain building permission it´s mandatory to include some recharging points for electric vehicles in the property to build.
This is something that, even in the Municipality, people don’t know either – this means that 100% of building permission are nil for the non-application of this parameter and this should be fixed with the integration of the recharging points.

Since that we are so interested in energy sustainability, we have also designed some “recharging oasis” where the energy used is produced by solar panels or micro wind generators. Here you have the triumph of “green” mobility, the triumph of new technologies, the triumph of ideas and capability whereas everything that has been done is without any money from Italian Banks, which once again have shown how useless they are when ideas and projects are the result of intelligence and not of ill repute.